Thursday, July 13, 2006

A summary of my experience Summer 2006 at UWB

Summer 2006 UWB has been a intense summer for me so far. As most of you already know I am currently taking 15 credits in what is essentially 4.5 weeks. This is 3 classes, twice a week, for four and half hours each. While far from ideal, I wanted to graduate as soon as possible and this was the only way to do it. Following is a summary of my classes and my experiences.

Consumer Marketing:
This class is very interesting and should be a core requirement of some sort. While the assignments were not really attached to the in-class lectures, I still attended because it was interesting. Overall, this was a great class with only a recommendation to have the assignments mirror the lectures.

Search and the World Wide Web 2006:
This class is exactly what a summer class should be like. I’ve learned more about searching, web sites, and just the web in general then I should ever need to know. At the same time I had fun and was interested the entire class time. With minimal homework, but maximum knowledge gained, this class has the summer quarter technique fine tuned to perfection!

Great Books in Business:
While unnecessarily ambiguous at first this class has turned out to be my most important management class. Through actual researching (requiring me to actually look at real life books) I have learned a plethora of knowledge on management. The discussions in class were invaluable as well as the teamwork. Fantastic class, my only recommendation: less ambiguity!

Nathan MacDonald


It has come to my attention that employers will Google potential applicants names online just to see what they are really like. While this does not happen all the time I felt that I should be prepared.

I am currently going to be interviewing with Nordstrom for a position. I am very excited about this because Nordstrom has a track record of excellence in management, customer service, and retail. They have had a little slump in sales but they are coming back strong.

The "item analyst" position I am applying for is less than ideal. It is the least challenging of the three positions I applied for. Not surprising according to Nordstrom it is the position I am "most qualified" for. I hope that during the interview process Nordstrom will realize I am not the typical interviewee and will reconsider my place in the corporation. I am extremely intrinsically motivated and would love to become absorbed with my work. Challenges are how I gauge my successfulness in life and they produce the greatest results. I feel that it would be beneficial for Nordstrom as well as myself if we found me a position that would utilize my unique skills and motivation.

Blogger is a worthless program

I just posted the same post three times. The "recover" post button doesnt work when you hit spell check and BAM a magic wand goes off and your internet explorer browser closes down. Why is spellcheck not automatic like word? This is a very basic technology that this company cannot figure out? Doesn't google own this site? This is ridiculous and now I am annoyed. I will write my nordstrom post once more and spell check it in word.


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PageRank - The Devil Reincarnate

So google has updated my site, but it has not increased my pagerank. I am still below Nate Dawgz page which is a complete insult to myself. Sandeep said he would share his pagerank power with me to increase the ranking of my site. Hopefully this works out, I dont want to have to go back to hijacking wikipedia pages just to increase my pagerank (not that I have).

iTunes vs. Limewire

That was the title of my final choice for todays class. After much persecution and prejudice I was finally allowed this as a topic.My first choices were myspace (was ignored) -> Donald Trump (Not allowed) -> Britney Spears (right after someone took martha stewart, still wasnt allowed) -> iTunes.

Then 90% into my iTunes powerpoint I was verbally assaulted that Limewire wasn't even a competitor of iTunes.After surpassing all of these barriers in my way to success I achieved my goal and factually reported on the status of iTunes and Limewire as competitors.I would thank to de-thank Dennis and Professor K. for trying to crush my hopes and dreams!I love bloggin,Nate MacDonald

*EDIT* *UPDATE* I was just accused of not doing any actual research and relying on other peoples information. Isn't that was research is? Compiling experts first hand information into a cohesive arguement. It definately is at the BA level thats for sure.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Search and the World Wide Web 2006

I feel that it is time to give credit where it is deserved. The class that spawned the idea behind my blog deserves the credit for its instant success. Search and the World Wide Web by Sandeep is a fantastic clas. I have learned more in this class, and gained more fame than I ever thought possible. I now understand the fundamentals of search engines and page ranking. Hopefully I will soon be ranked #1 on google and for that I will have to thank this class; Search and the World Wide Web!

Nathan MacDonald

Censorship at the UWB!

I am posting about a topic near and dear to my heart. In my conquest to achieve #1 on the google search engine (refer to previous post) I ran into the University of Washington Bothell Wikipedia site.,_Bothell

I went to the external links category and tactifully added my own blog as a "University of Washington Bothell Student Blog". My professor (also the creator of the page; conflict of interest!) immediately removed my link and censored the webpage! I was shocked by such blatant censorship of the media and immediately began a hunger strike!

No more censorship, no more censorship!

Nathan MacDonald

My Conquest of Google

In my conquest to become the #1 Ranked Nathan MacDonald site on Google I was lead to wikipedia. This is a fantastic site with information on everything. Even more importantly, the site provides extremely useful and accurate information on the subject instead of a massive overload of useless information. The genius behind this site is that any user can add information which is why it is so relevant. I searched Nathan Macdonald and a singer from canada came up. I felt that it was only fair that the search was fully representable and included my name and blog. Lets be honest, why is he the only Nathan MacDonald allowed on Wikipedia? Well it turns out he is not, Wikipedia has allowed me to add my information into the search.

For more information on me please go to
It is a fantastic place to be!

Nathan MacDonald

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My First Day as a Blog Creator

So, I felt that because this is the "Official Nathan MacDonald Fan Site" I should tell you all a little about my first day as a Blog Creator.

I had a doctor’s appointment today because I have a cut on my eyeball. Yes, this is possible, and no I am not blind. This was the final checkup for my eye so I could quit applying this paste to the bottom of my eyelid. The official name of this paste is called "Erythromycin ophthalmic ointment."

This paste feels awful on your eyeball, and forces you to wear glasses instead of the preferred contacts. Glasses make me feel as if what I am looking at isn't real, highly bothersome to a person with a great attention to reality. Anyways, the receptionist failed at scheduling me properly so I spent a half hour rescheduling my appointment for 4PM, which is one hour from now. The chances of me getting to this appointment are relatively low as we still have 30 presentations left in class.

If I have to go yet another day applying paste to my eyeball and wearing glasses I might choke. So please, if you are reading this, email and request my immediate release!

Nathan MacDonald

The Official Nathan MacDonald Fan Site

This blog has been created for all the lost and searching Nathan MacDonald fans worldwide. This site will discuss Nathan MacDonald in his entirety including his present, past, and future. All loyal fans are welcome to participate. More to come shortly!

Nathan MacDonald